Pop-up shops in Syntrend Creative Park in Taiwan!

Syntrend Creative Park launched many pop-up stores on the first floor from March 3 to 31, including the PostPet’s character MOMO bear and the “Final Fantasy Premium Store” will sell extremely popular game-limited products.


The Final Fantasy 2020 Taipei limited shop.

The much-anticipated Final Fantasy VII Remake is here! Produced by SQUARE ENIX and scheduled to launch the traditional Chinese version of the PS4 role-playing game in Taiwan on April 10th. During the event, you will be given a limited amount of shopping bags and you will be summoned by fans to play together!


The PostPet  pop-up shop

After two years, MOMO led the top stationery brands to swept Taiwan again!

Super huge 3m high MOMO bear stand there welcome you!

MOMO puzzle game is the first time showed there and they are super fun! 

During the special exhibition, when you buy MOMO bear products, you will receive a special time-limited postcard, and will be sent to you by the MOMO bear postman in 2021!

On the day of 3/14 (Sat), MOMO brother served as a day manager at the scene and spent a sweet afternoon with you.




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