“LUX Body Soap”× “Sailor Moon” Collaboration

Unilever Japan Customer Marketing will launch limited package products nationwide from March 2 through the collaboration of “LUX Body Soap” and “Sailor Moon”.


In this collaboration, LUX whose message is “Shine with No Limits-There is no limit to the brilliance of women”, supports women to shine themselves, shining not only in appearance but also in inner beauty. It was realized by sympathizing with the figure of Sailor Moon. 

The “LUX Body Soap” to be released this time adopts an “adult cute” design that depicts five sailor moon soldiers in silhouette. Sailor moon soldiers are depicted one by one on five types of products, and the character color is matched with the product color.

Also, from March 2, a product image and “#LUX Pretty Sailor Moon” will be posted on Twitter, and a campaign to present a limited package will be given.

In addition, there are five types of natural scents that combine premium gold hyaluronic acid oil and essential oils (scent components) in this time collaboration.

Products Summary

-LUX Body Soap Soft Rose



-LUX Body Soap Satin Soap


-LUX Body Soap Musky Floral


-LUX Body Soap Violet Floral


-LUX Body Soap White Garden


-Limited Period: 3/2-5/31






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