“The bear school ” supports child-raising with the first local government collaboration

The popular picture book series “The bear school” developed by Chara Labs will launch a collaborative project with Tajimi City in Gifu Prefecture in April to support child care.


The author of the bear school, Nami Adachi, her hometown is Tajimi City, Gifu Prefecture,  and has held workshops at her school so far. Tajimi City values ​​the “child-raising” in which the child grows healthy and self-sufficient. The collaboration project aims to improve the child-raising environment, such as promoting public awareness of the city’s system and cultivating children’s reading weeks and expanding its efforts with Tajimi City.




-Project symbol

Created the original symbol mark of Tajimi City as a symbol of the project. 

From April, the emblem will be published in publications aimed at “child care and child care support” implemented by the city.


-Business plan for 2020

(1) Start using the original Mother and Child Health Handbook

(2) “The Bear school” is added to the book start selection

(3) “The Bear school” corner set up in the main library building

(4) Hold the “The Bear school” Illustration Exhibition





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