HELLO KITTY sake in Taiwan!

HELLO KITTY turned into a sakura’s sake (Japanese rice wine)! Such a cute glass bottle in HELLO KITTY shape, seriously earnestly burned to fans. The collaboration is between the Drunk Moon(醉月) and Sanrio characters!


The luster of the glass reveals the pink sakura’s sake dissolved in the cherry blossom extract essence, and the ribbon bow decoration, the exquisite shape is completely unsettling. In addition to the full-body sakura’s sake, there also has oversized HELLO KITTY  big-head grape wine, big-eared Cinnamoroll apple wine, etc. There are a total of 5 cute Sanrio co-branded sake. 




In addition, there also has the extra launch of the plum shochu gift box and grape plum wine. They are all in the shape of a HELLO KITTY bottle.





First-round  sell


-Drunk Moon x Cinnamoroll Strawberry Cider ¥ 520


-Drunk Moon x HELLO KITTY Grape Plum Wine / 450 yuan


-Drunk Moon Pink wine / 650 yuan


-Where to buy: Pre-orders for the Family mart in Taiwan


-Sales time: from 2/18


Second-round sell:


-Drunk Moon x HELLO KITTY SAKURA’S SAKE (2020) / 890 yuan


-Drunk Moon x HELLO KITTY Plum Shochu Gift Box / 239 yuan


-Sales location: 7-11 pre-orders across Taiwan


-Selling time: from 2/24





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