Limited open “Detective Conan Cafe 2020” for the movie release commemoration -Held sequentially from March 25 at 12 venues in 9 cities like Tokyo, Osaka and Hokkaido

Legs commemorate the release of theatrical version “Detective Conan: The Scarlet Bullet” (Toho: April 17), launching “Detective Conan Cafe 2020” for a limited time from March 25 at 12 venues in 9 cities in Tokyo, Osaka, Hokkaido, Saitama, Chiba, Nagoya, Hiroshima, Fukuoka, and Okinawa.


Detective Conan is a full-fledged reasoning manga originally written by Gosho Aoyama. Since its serialization in 1994, it has been loved by a wide range of people from adults to children for a long time. In addition, the TV anime starts in 1996 and the movie version “Detective Conan Scarlet Bullet” will be the 24th movie version, which is released from April 17 this year.

This time, with the theme of “Home party at Dr. Agasa’s house!”, The legs incorporate a check pattern somewhere in the coordination to commemorate the release of the latest version of the movie. Planning a collaboration cafe where characters will meet. Providing original images that appeared in the work or the image of a character.



In addition, 100 items such as cafe-designed acrylic badges and notebooks, smartphone cases, drawstrings, mugs, etc. will be available for purchase at each venue. Details will be announced on the official website of the cafe at any time.



There are also special offers for <Cafe users limited to advance reservations>, <Cafe users>, and <Drink orderers>.

(1) Cafe reservation privilege for advance reservation users: Use the advance reservation (500 yen (excluding tax) / 1 person) and order a menu, you will receive one “original sticker (24 types)” at random.

(2) Cafe use privilege: When you eat and drink at the cafe, you will receive a random “original lunch mat” (all 2 types).

(3) Drink Order Benefits: When you order a drink menu at the cafe, you will receive a random “Original Coaster (24 types)” per item.



-Place / Period:

Tokyo / Shibuya: SHIBUYA BOX cafe & space (Shibuya LOFT 2nd floor) / Wednesday, March 25-Tuesday, June 30

Osaka / Abeno: Abeno contact (4th floor of Abeno Q’s Mall) / March 25 (Wed)-June 21 (Sun)

Osaka / Umeda: BAR DEL SOLE (Osaka Station City 5F Space-Time Plaza) / March 27 (Fri)-June 30 (Tue)

Tokyo / Oshiage: TOKYO BOX cafe & space Tokyo Solamachi Store / Saturday, March 28-Tuesday, June 30

Chiba / Chiba: Character Cafe Sogo Chiba (June Building 1F) / March 28 (Sat)-June 30 (Tue)

Hiroshima / Hiroshima: TRATTORIA CACCiNU (10th floor of SOGO Hiroshima store main building) / March 31 (Tue)-June 30 (Tue)

Fukuoka / Fukuoka: kawara CAFE & DINING KITTE Hakata store (KITTE Hakata 9F) / April 1 (Wed)-June 14 (Sun)

Saitama / Koshigaya: BOX cafe & space (AEON Lake Town Kaze Lake Town Gate 1F) / April 2 (Thu)-June 30 (Tue)

Aichi / Nagoya: THE GUEST cafe & diner Nagoya store (Nagoya Parco West Building 8F) / April 2 (Thu)-May 31 (Sun)

Tokyo / Ikebukuro: THE GUEST cafe & diner Ikebukuro (Ikebukuro PARCO Main Building 7F) / April 3 (Fri)-May 31 (Sun)

Hokkaido / Sapporo: Koh Chang Four Shinkawadori Store @ Cafe Interlude / Saturday, April 4-Tuesday, June 30

Okinawa / Naha: OKINAWA BOX cafe & space (Naha Opa 2nd floor) / Saturday, April 4-Tuesday, June 30


-Advance reservation: February 12 (Wed) 12:00-February 18 (Tue) 23:59

-Pre-order starts at [Detective Conan Official App] [Detective Conan Collector’s Club].

-General reservation: Wednesday, February 26, 10:00-Accepted on the official website.

(Cafe site open: February 12 (Wed) 11:00)


-《Menu overview》 (excluding tax)


APTX4869 Beef curry (apotoxin curry) 1,490 yen

Exciting children’s plate of Shonen Detectives 1,690 yen

Ramen Kokura’s serious ramen set to die as much as you can 1,790 yen

Submarine Okiya’s basket 1,990 yen

Toru Amuro specially made! Cafe potato basket 1,990 yen

Criminal dark risotto-with chicken confit-1,590 yen



Ai Haibara’s Healthy Sweets Basket 1,690 yen

Dr. Agasa’s failure … Pancake 1,390 yen

APTX4869 Sandwich-Sweets & Spicy-1,490 yen



Conan’s bow tie type voice changer cream soda 890 yen

JK trio sangria-style pink lemonade 890 yen

Subaru Okiya’s adult tea float 1,090 yen * With acrylic key chain (3 kinds of random)

Toru Amuro cream soda 1,090 yen * With acrylic key chain (3 kinds of random)

Shuichi Akai’s bottled drink 1,690 yen

* The menu offered varies depending on the store.




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