“Gelato Pique” and “Momoko Sakura” Collaboration

On March 18, “Melato Pique”, a product developed by Mash Style Lab, will release an item on the collaboration line “Momoko Sakura meets gelato pique.”


The collaboration between “Gelato Pique” and “Momoko Sakura” was conducted in the spring of 2019, and it was a big hit, returning to the Sakura season this year. They created the world of Chibi Maruko-chan with special print items and stuffed toys unique to gelato pique. In this collaboration, “Maru-chan”, a familiar rabbit and a stuffed cat will appear. Among the gelato piqué garments, they also used the ‘powder’ material, which features a fluffy and light touch. It is a special item that matches the feel of a character with a gentle expression. (* Designs are subject to change without notice)

This time, the theme is to spend time with people who do their best, spending time with Maru-chan. The original picture of the scene talking “Kojikoji” or the scene relaxing in the room is printed as it is. Maru-chan in the world map is perfect for the Olympic year 2020, where Japan is the focus. Baby Rompers with the same print will also be deployed.






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