“Sonic the Movie/Sonic the Hedgehog”, Japanese Original Poster Completed!

“Sonic the Movie/Sonic the Hedgehog”, a Hollywood-based live-action movie of popular characters from Japan, with a cumulative total of about 9.2 billion series (including DL) worldwide, will be released on March 27. 


The “Sonic” series has been developed for various game consoles since “Sonic the Hedgehog” released by Sega Enterprises in 1991 and runs through the game stage at an unprecedented speed Innovative gameplay and the cool character of the blue hedgehog “Sonic” running at the speed of sound have caught the hearts of game fans in Japan and around the world, and have been loved.

 The Sonic the Movie, released this time, is produced by Neil H. Moritz of the Wild Speed ​​series and Tim Miller of the Deadpool, and directed by Jeff, an Academy Award nominee for short animation category.・ Fowler is selected as the first live-action director. With talented cast staff, world-famous game characters run around the screen.

 The poster is a Japanese original design that created Sonic, which blows the current from the whole body and shines blue light sharply, says, “This is my power! I will protect my friends and show it!” The energetic high-speed battle with the enemy Dr. Robottonic (Jim Carrey), who is aiming to add Sonic’s superpower, is likely, to begin with, the ring of gold, a familiar item, greatly expanding with a powerful finish.



At the same time, the main video, which had been lifted, should have once dismissed the evil weapon developed by the genius scientist Dr. Robotonic, but a small helicopter weapon jumped out from the inside again, and Sonic and his partner Tom (James Marsden) The scene where the truck on which) rides is swooped. Sonic, who should be able to run at the speed of sound, is worried about why he is sitting in the passenger seat of the truck, but the action of Harajuku Dokidoki is unfolding as soon as he can breathe.


Neil H. Moritz, who worked on all of the highest-performing car action movies in the series, “Wild Speed”, and who produced this film, said, “It’s a big emotion that comes from the friendship between Sonic and humans in action, comedy, and comedy. This film is full of the elements of the movie that everyone loves, with director Jeff Fowler creating a heartwarming story that expresses the adventures and exhilaration that people expect and excites. ” Expectations for an ultra-high-speed adventure that speaks with heightened expectations.






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