Mister Donuts in Taiwan collaborate with BARBAPAPA

The pink hunter should pay attention! Mister Donut and  BARBAPAPA have joined hands to launch the cute collaboration from Jan 31th. in 2020.


This is a pink and strawberry season! Mister Donut launches a number of strawberry-limited products and also collaboration donuts with Mr. BARBAPAPA, who borns in Paris, France, 1970, is a character of a picture book, which has a pink body and a soft and cute appearance.

The new menu is here! Check it out right now!
-Price: 48TWD
The pink Mr. Bubble becomes a fluffy donut, paired with the newly upgraded strawberry chocolate dipping sauce and Japanese light fresh cream filling, sweet strawberry flavor, pink energy healing debut, please take a photo and punch before eating.



-Price: 48TWD

Mr. BARBAPAPA’s SON “Mr. BARBAPAPA Zu” is paired with golden sweet potato chocolate dipping sauce and Castalian filling, with a rich egg-milk flavor. Bring home the lively and BARBAPAPA Zu!


-Strawberry cocoa muffin

-Price: 50TWD


-Cocoa Muffin 



-Happy 5Q 

-Price: 60TWD, 100TWD for 2 boxes

The five small donuts based on the popular Wavebank are soft and bite, and can have a variety of flavors such as chocolate, strawberry, yogurt, etc. The strawberry season has also been replaced with Mr. Bubble’s design. Let Mr. Soft’s cute bubble accompany everyone to have a wonderful afternoon tea time!


In addition, they also launch special collaboration goods!
-Mr. BARBAPAPA big doll
-Price: buy for 100TWD, add 499TWD to get it free


-Mr. BARBAPAPA mini-doll  

-Price: buy for 100TWD, add 199TWD to get it free




-Set of two cute dolls! 

-Price: buy for 100TWD, add 699TWD to get it free


There are also collaborations on drinks!

Such as Strawberry Ole (Ice), Strawberry Peach Fruit Tea (Iced / Hot), Strawberry peach Soda drink (iced).


And there is one shop of Mister Donuts at New Taipei City Eslite Life Center will build the themed-shop full of cute Mr.BARBAPAPA family and strawberry elements, even if just sitting in the shop, it feels super sweet!



-Title: Mister Donuts in Taiwan collaborate with BARBAPAPA 

-Place: Mister Donut shops in Taiwan

-Period: 2020/1/31(Fri)~2020/3/12(Thur)





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