ONKYO sell a collaboration model with Attack on Titan

The collaboration between Onkyo and Attack on the Titan is a 2.5mm 4-pole plug cord that supports balanced playback and with high-quality dynamic stereo headphones “SE-MHR5”. It is sold for limited reservations.


We sell two types of collaboration models based on the characters “Levi” and “Mikasa” that appear in “Attack on Titan”. In each case, the right housing part has the sculpture of the investigative team’s emblem, “Wings of Freedom”, and the left housing part has a sculpture of “Levi” and “Mikasa”, respectively.

The plate used for the housing is made of stainless steel and carved using the skills of Japanese craftsmen, making it a gem with a solid feeling and luxury. This plate further enhances the world view of the “Attack on Titan”.

In addition, this product adopts a special illustration drawn only in collaboration, and the package and the headphone stand of the benefit are designed to boldly utilize the newly drawn illustration. Also included is an original pouch printed with the investigator’s emblem, “Wings of Freedom.”

On the high-resolution sound source distribution site e-onkyo music, each sound source of “ Attack on Titan ” is distributed in high resolution, and by combining this collaboration model with a digital audio player capable of reproducing high-resolution sound sources, Giant’s high-quality music.


-Set contents: Headphone body

-Package, headphone stand, headphone pouch

-Reservation-limited release details

-Reservation method: Online reservation at ONKYO DIRECT

-Reservation period: January 24 (Fri) 15:00-February 25 (Tue) 15:00

-Product shipping: scheduled to be shipped from mid-May

-Price: 20,000 yen (including tax and shipping)

-Publisher: Onkyo


* “Pioneer” is a trademark of Pioneer Corporation, used under license.

* The company supports the “High-Resolution Audio (Sound) Recognition Initiatives” promoted by the Japan Audio Association, and by using the logo mark recommended by the association, the use of the HiRes is promoted and the awareness is increased.






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