Popular collaboration between “studio CLIP” and “Moomin”

Studio CLIP, a lifestyle proposal brand run by Adastria will launch a collaboration item with the popular Nordic character “MOOMIN” from January 23 on studio nationwide and also the WEB store.


In this collaboration, there are a variety of items that you will want to carry around. This year, items such as smartphone cases and lesson totes, as well as cashier bags and mask pouches, which are not only visually attractive but also have excellent functions.

In addition, the popular Moomin umbrella is now on display, and the Moomin valley friend Nyoronyoro is now available. The Moomin blanket in cushions and Moomin LED objects, which can be enjoyed at home.


In addition, as a WEB store’s limited color items will also appear on lesson totes, watches, and wallets. 

In the second installment, which will be launched on February 6, new exciting items such as iPhone X / XS size smartphone cases and new patterns of popular vinyl umbrellas will appear.







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