Original design Pokemon products appear from “ASOKO”

On January 18, the miscellaneous goods store “ASOKO launched the “ASOKO de POKÉMON” merchandise based on the concept of “Enjoy Surprice!!”


Familiar Pokémon has appeared in ASOKO original designs such as fashion accessories such as bags and pouches, kitchen accessories, and stationery. They have a total of 84 items that can be used by children and adults.

Also, in addition to ASOKO stores, Sapporo, Nagoya, Osaka, and Kochi pop-up shops will be released.



<Ifuku Kazuhiko Design>

Tote bag/kids plastic umbrella / 660 yen

2-way tote/shoulder bag/clear bottle (2 types), food container 3P set/ leisure seat, iPhone case X / XS (2 types) / 550 yen

Pouch with gusset/lunch bag/porch/Marche bag, bowl (2 types)/rectangular plate (2 types)/melamine cup (2 types)/melamine plate (3 types)/zip bag (2 types)/kitchen towel 4P set / 440 yen

No gusset porch/canvas porch/drawstring 2P/mug (2 types)/square plate (3 types)/compact mirror (2 types)/clear file 4P set / 330 yen

Transparent drawstring 10P set / 275 yen

Note and ring sticky note / 220 yen

Mini zip bag (2 types), masking tape (2 types), sticky note (3 types) / 165 yen


Sales store:

ASOKO Harajuku ・ ASOKO Kobe Harborland umie ・ ASOKO LaLaport EXPO CITY ・ ASOKO Kawaramachi OPA ・ ASOKO + 3COINS @ Ikspiari Maihama


Sapporo: January 18 (Sat)-January 26 (Sun) Sapporo Esta 7F

Nagoya: January 18 (Sat)-January 26 (Sun) Dai Nagoya Building B1F ISETAN HAUS

Osaka: Wednesday, January 22-Tuesday, February 4, Luque Aire 2F Isetan Urban Market

Kochi: January 25 (Sat)-February 11 (Tue) Kochi Tsutaya Bookstore 1F







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