“Mickey Mouse” Limited Design Bottle Appears in Essence of Pitera™

SK-II, a global skincare brand, has been selling a limited number of facial treatment essences with an original version of “Mickey Mouse” designed on the bottle from January 1st.


Two legends here, “Mickey Mouse”, which has been loved as a representative of pop culture, and SK-II’s representative facial treatment essence, which has almost no change in its prescription for about 40 years. This is their first-time collaboration to celebrate the 2020 mouse year with a newly released limited design bottle.



-Title: SK-II Facial Treatment Essence Mickey Mouse Limited Edition

-Release date: January 1 limited quantity release

-Contents: 230mL

-Price: 23,000 yen excluding tax (25,300 yen including tax)

* This product will be sold in limited quantities at duty-free airports in Japan, South Korea, the People’s Republic of China (including Hong Kong Special Administrative Region only), Singapore, Thailand, the United States.





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