Maybelline × Disney Mickey new year beauty collection!

Of course, the protagonist of 2020 is the mouse! Maybelline is the first to launch the Disney Electro-Optical Makeup, which is full of modern urban style.


The main color of mickey was used in this collection, with the neon light of the Mickey symbol, which makes a wish for everyone who could live a perfect life in the new year. The air cushion and Eyeliner are the popular merchandises in Maybelline, and Mickey is on their new package to show the cute and sexy at the same time.



The eyeshadow lovers must store this plate of brown-red tones! The colors this time are the most popular brown-red, coral red, cinnamon, and sparkling silver pink.

The Mickey embossing on the lipstick is really cute. This limited-edition lipstick comes in 4 colors in total, which are all very suitable for Asian girls.



All the collections are listed in China first.



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