Kids menu of KFC with “Snoopy Perpetual Calendar”

From December 26, Kentucky Fried Chicken(KFC) Japan started to give “Snoopy Perpetual Calendar” away as the second “Snoopy” collaboration goods on the kid’s menu at KFC stores nationwide. 


“Snoopy Perpetual Calendar” is a perpetual calendar that can be used as a smartphone stand. The calendar has the appeal of being able to enjoy the time with the kid. In addition to the calendar function, it is a two-way good that allows you to stand up your smartphone on the calendar and enjoy watching videos. The two designs are particularly popular among fans of the “School Bus” and “Snoopy House” versions and can be used as interiors.


Summary* Price includes tax

-Title: Kids menu with “Snoopy Perpetual Calendar”

-“Kids nugget set” … 500 yen

(3 pieces of nuggets, 1 potato (S), 1 drink (S), 1 perpetual calendar)

-“Kids Crispy Set” … 500 yen

(1 piece of kernel crispy, 1 potato (S), 1 drink (S), 1 perpetual calendar)

-Release date: Thursday, December 26

-Retailers: KFC stores nationwide

* Some stores do not sell. Due to limited quantity, sales will end as soon as they are gone.

“Snoopy Perpetual Calendar”

(Material: paper / size: height approx. 250 x width approx. 210 mm)





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