Kirby’s Dream Land in VERY STRAWBERRY campaign in Namco Ltd.

BANDAI NAMCO Amusement will operate “Kirby’s Dream Land in VERY STRAWBERRY campaign in Namco Ltd.”, featuring Namco-limited prizes from “Kirby’s Dream Land” developed by Warpstar during the period from January 10 to February 16, in 215 stores nationwide.


In this campaign, limited prizes using illustrations drawn by “Kirby’s Dream Land” with strawberries as a motif will appear. “BIG Stuffed toy” (2 types), “Stuffed toy Mascot” (4 types), “Trotting Mascot” (4 types), “Candy Trunk Can” (1 type), “Master ball” (3 types) ), “Stationery Set” (all 1 type) will appear sequentially from January 10th.


In addition, a special gift campaign using Twitter was held, in which a 70-millimeter “Kirby and Strawberry Extra Large Beads Cushion” produced in commemoration of the campaign was won by lottery.


In addition, if you use the link function of the Namco App and insert 500 yen into the target crane game machine, you can participate in the LOT game, to win the special goods or the chance that you can download the Coupon for using.



Present the exchange coupon to staff at the campaign target stores from January 10 to February 16, and you will receive a Kirby Ude Pita Balloon.




-Application period: From Thursday, December 19, 11:00 to Sunday, January 5, 23:59

-Application method:

  1. Follow BANDAINAMCO Amusement official Twitter account (@bnam_jp).
  2. Retweet the specified tweet

Winners: Winners vary according to the number of retweets

Achieved 3,000 retweets … 5 people

5,000 retweets achieved… 10 people

12,000 retweets achieved … 20 people

Present: “Kirby and Strawberry Extra Large Bead Cushion”




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