First-ever themed We Bare Bears Cafe coming in Singapore

Kumoya Cafe in Bugis had collaborated with We Bare, which is decorated with Cartoon Network’s favorite characters -Grizz, Panda and Ice Bear and the brand new themed We Bare Bear Cafe opened on 1st January.


To create an adorable and lovable dining & dessert place to attract people, they use lots of We Bare Bear characters into the wallpapers, tables and also handing displays inside the cafe.


This character cafe includes a menu inspired by the bear brothers specially crafted by Shirley Wong (@littlemissbento) in collaboration with the Kumoya kitchen team.

The Bear-Bros Food Truck with Special Salmon Roll has a limited edition Truck Box you can bring home. There are also snacks and sides such as Truffle Fries and Sweet Potato Fries. And the most Special We Bare Bears Baos filled with Sweet Matcha that oozes out is very popular!


In addition to these delicious and cute foods and drinks, imported merchandise available in the cafe also attracts people to go!



-Title: We Bare Bear Pop-up CAFE

-Place: 8 Jln Klapa, Singapore 199320

-Period: 4 Jan – 12 Apr 2019




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