Disney Toy Story collection in mobile phone cases in Taiwan!

RhinoShield, the leading brand of mobile phone cases, has obtained the Disney’s Toy Story License and launched a series of anti-fall phone cases as many as 27 types!


Disney and Pixar’s “Toy Story” hit the big screen in early 1995, and later launched four sequels, two TV specials, several short works, and become a favorite brand among fans worldwide. Toy Story tells the plentiful adventure stories between witty cowboy “Woody” and Space Warriors “Buzz Lightyear”. In addition to the two main characters,  lots of cute characters also been loved by fans such as Mr. Potato Head, Hamm, Bo Peep, and Forky, etc. They all show their faces in this collaboration!



This collaboration also including the iconic accessories or materials from these characters, like Woody’s vest, shirt or Andy’s room.


RhinoShield not only provides the iPhone series and iPhone 11 models but also did not forget Android users this time. Together, it includes Android models such as Samsung Note / Galaxy series, Asus ZenFone series, Google Pixel series!


Are they very attractive and would like to buy them?

You could buy them on the official website even you don’t live in Taiwan!! 





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