Korilakkuma in a Mirror cafe opens in Harajuku.Tokyo

Legs and Transit General Office opened a promotion cafe space “HARAJUKU AR BOX -table projection mapping cafe-” in Harajuku, Tokyo on December 21.


Korilakkuma in a Mirror cafe opening is gorgeously decorated. It is a story that is healed by another Korilakkuma who met in the mirror, glitter cosmetics and cute cats. The characters walk around and doodle on the dishes using interactive table projection mapping technology around the course dishes expressing the world view. There is a welcome performance, a waiting performance while waiting for food, production for each course (appetizer, main and dessert), and an ending performance, and a special performance that can be moved by touching with your finger and totally enjoy them for 70 minutes. 

Expectations are rising for the next-generation collaboration cafe of table projection mapping that has newly appeared in Harajuku, the sacred place of cute culture. In addition, original goods using drawn and drawn art will appear, and special benefits will be set up and the opening will be excited.




-Period: December 21 (Sat)-March 22 (Sun)

* Closed from Monday, December 30 to Friday, January 3, New Year holidays.

-Place: HARAJUKU AR BOX -table projection mapping cafe-

-Café site open: December 9 (Mon) 16: 00-

-Reservation start: December 9 (Mon) 17: 00-

* This cafe only has a course menu (shared menu for two people)

* Order drinks separately


-Table and projection mapping experience sheet: 2,500 yen (excluding tax) / per person

※ Reservation from 2 people

* A separate course menu fee will be charged

* Visitors have a bonus (Shiraunishi coaster (2 types) will be presented)



1) Visit Benefits “Shiraunishi Coaster” (2 types)

* You can get it at the venue if you order gifts and food even if you come to the store on the day

2) Drink Order Benefits One “Original Coaster” (four random)



Course menu: 2,500 yen (without tax) / per person * Reservation from 2 people

* Single order is not allowed


Appetizer: an appetizer of soup and salad

・ Welcome to the world in the mirror! Soup & salad

Soup is selected from two types, “clam chowder” and “minestrone”

* Separate choices are possible in pairs. 


Main dish: choose the one you like

・ Omurice together

-Delicious with magic! Chicken and mushroom cream pasta

・ Nakayoshi Twin Korilakkuma Burger * Provided from December 21 to January 19

・ Let’s play in a dream ♪ Roll cabbage stew ※ Offer from January 20 to February 16

・ Korilakkuma’s Heart Chirashi Sushi * Offer from February 17 to March 22






Dessert: choose the one you like

・ Make magic on pancakes

・ What is going on? Fun french toast

・ Cream Brulee and Magic Mirror * Offer from December 21 to January 19

・ Heart-filled fondant chocolate * Provided from January 20 to February 16

  • full bloom! Sakura Waffle * Offer from February 17 to March 22



<Special drink menu> One coaster will be presented by order

・ Korilakkuma Cafe Ore ¥ 890 ¥ * Hot only

・ Korilak Makocoa ¥ 890 * Hot only

・ Twin Korilakkuma strawberry milk ¥ 990

<Normal drink menu>

Cola / Orange Juice / Earl Gray Tea / Coffee (Hot / Ice) ¥ 500 each


■ Original goods ※ All prices excluding tax

Can badge (6 random types) 400 yenAcrylic key chain (4 random types) 500 yenClear file set 500 yen BIC ballpoint pen (pink, purple) all 2 types 500 yen 400 yen


<Scheduled to be released in late January>

Slide mirror (pink, purple) All 2 types 1,200 yen each, Acrylic magnet (6 random types) 500 yen Jewelry porch 2,500 yen, Sagara porch 2,800 yen-Mittens & pan bedding 3,500 yen.







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