Alaway with Rilakkuma! Lazy Daily exhibition in Taiwan!

From Dec. 28,2019 to Mar. 22, 2020, the Songshan Culture and Creative Park will hold the Rilakkuma Lazy Daily Special Exhibition.


This exhibition is a concept of Always with Rilakkuma, which brings you into his one-day daily life into four-part contained delicious time, cosplay party, lazy home, and train travel.

In the delicious time part, you can find the favorite food Rilakkuma like, such as donuts, muffins, etc. Come and enjoy the delicious time with Rilakkuma!


In the cosplay party part, you will find Rilakkuma has many clothes, although they are all brown, in fact, each one is different in detail!


You can enjoy the Rilakkuma’s lazy life in the Lazy home part. In addition to being lazing and relaxed, the cute and comfortable life of Rilakkuma will show for you.


A small forest train is created in the exhibition hall, and fans are invited to take a sakura tour with Rilakkuma. Sitting once a minute is an excellent experience to enjoy the exhibition.


The big Taiwan-limited 200cm Rilakkuma figure is the hot spot for taking photos!


In addition, the thousand of cute collaboration goods also waiting for you to bring them home!





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