Hello Kitty 45th Anniversary Special Exhibition in Kaohsiung -5 interactive exhibition areas, the first 3 meters high Hello Kitty large capsule machine

To celebrate the charming character Hello Kitty’s 45th birthday this year, the Hello Kitty 45th Anniversary Special Exhibition will be held in the Kaohsiung Dream Mall.


The super-large interactive exhibition area of nearly 300 square meters, with “What ’s Kawaii” as the main theme of this exhibition to create 5 interactive areas, each theme exhibition area shows the charm of different styles of Hello Kitty!

The entrance is made of the Hello Kitty large bow to welcome everyone enters into the dream world!



You will be surrounded by the classic pictures of Hello Kitty every year. And there is also Taiwan ’s first 3-meter-high Hello Kitty large capsule machine, 5 capsule products, and random postcards. You can send postcards to your favorite friends on the scene. 


Exclusively display 6 sets of doll clothing walls and 20 sets classic Hello Kitty bow walls!


In addition, there are hundreds of Hello Kitty merchandise items on sale in the peripheral area, which is also very suitable for Christmas gifts!




-Title: Hello Kitty 45th Anniversary Special Exhibition in Kaohsiung

-Place: Dream Mall, No. 789, Zhonghua 5th Road, Qianzhen District, Kaohsiung City

-Period: 2019/12/6-2020/1/5






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