DHC lips in STAR WARS! limited set release

DHC has released a limited amount of medical lip cream collaborated with popular film STAR WARS from Dec.5th.


The medical lip cream, which has exceeded 110 million total sales from February 1999 to the end of July 19th, 2019. And this is the third time collaboration with STAR WARS, with the concept of “adultness” and a stylish design that gives off a sense of fun while being playful. 

Light gray that creates a calm cuteness in chic shades, adorable yellow with pop colors and loosely deformed figure, red with a warm atmosphere with adult retro Nordic pattern. It is a limited design set full of individuality and charm.



-Title: DHC Medical Lip cream IN STAR WARS 3 set 

-Price: 2,167 JPY(tax in)




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