Miramar collaborates with Frozen 2!

Miramar is the famous date spot in Taipei because of its huge Ferris wheel. There is a huge snowdome of “Frozen 2” and a Christmas tree up to 11 meters set in the front square of Miramar to build a Christmas atmosphere to celebrate the release of Disney’s most popular anima film “Frozen 2”


The 11-meter-high “Frozen 2” Christmas tree and huge snowdome are in Miramar Plaza, dedicated with an oversized white gift box frame and some small Christmas tree all around. People can sit there and take the picture to feel the strong Christmas atmosphere!



And the huge snowdome is beside the tree and the main characters in the film appeared!



-Title: Miramar collaborates with Frozen 2

-Place: Miramar Plaza

-Period: 2019.11/19-2020.1/8




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