Reiwa’s first Arima Kinen special project “Lupin THE Arima”

The Japan Central Horse Racing Association holds a special project “Lupin THE Arima” in collaboration with the national popular anime “Lupin the Third” prior to the 64th Arima Memorial (GI) at the Nakayama Racetrack from November 29th to December 22nd.


There is a special site, the creator of “Real Escape Game”, SCRAP supervised “JRA vs Lupin the Third: Golden Betting Ticket be Steal !” If you share the default hashtag on the clear screen of each stage, you will be given a “lotion of the gold betting set of 64 sheets” for one person and an “electronic money gift card for 10,000 yen” for 64 persons.
“JRA vs. Lupine the Third: Golden Betting Ticket be Steal!” is a story that aims at a pure gold golden betting ticket hidden in the Nakayama Racecourse where the Arima Memorial is held as a partner of Lupine.
In addition, Kanichi Kurita, who plays as Lupine, and Koichi Yamadera, who plays the role of Zenigata Police, released all three types of special movies.
In “Lupin THE Gacha” scheduled to be released on December 11, when you tap the start screen, Lupine, Daisuke Dimension, Gomon Ishikawa, Fujiko Mine, and the Zengata Police will be randomly selected to play the production videos. An original “Lupin betting ticket” designed by the character is issued.
In addition, a gift campaign linked to the results of the 64th Arima Memorial (single win) and a special campaign at Sanagi Shinjuku on December 19-21, and Tokyo Racetrack on December 21-22, Lupine THE Arima Special Event are also be held.



-“Lupin THE Arima” Special Event

-Date: December 19 (Thu)-21 (Sat) 11: 00-20: 00

-Place: Sanagi Shinjuku


-Contents: Golden Horse Ticket / Arima Memorial Successive Horse Panel Exhibition.

-Date: December 21 (Sat)-22 (Sun) Opening-17:00

-Place: Tokyo Racetrack Center Court


-Lupin THE Arima frame color lottery

-Date: December 22 (Sunday) 9:00-15:00 * Ends as soon as the frame color lottery ticket is gone

-Place: In front of Tokyo Racetrack Vodka Statue




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