Welcome to Magical Pandora and Harry Potter’s world

Danmark jewelry brand Pandora has partnered with American entertainment company Warner Bros. Consumer Products to release new jewelry based on the movie “Harry Potter” from November 28.


The “Harry Potter x Pandora Collection” features 12 items inspired by the magical world of Harry Potter, including charms, bracelets, and pendants. The three protagonists of Harry, Hermione, and Ron became silver charms with symbolic items in the story, such as Hogwarts Castle, and the Gold Snitch became a Pandora Shine pendant. And the gold snitch is not only on the pendant but also on the clasp of the essential Pandora Moment bracelet.

The collection is completed by the charm of the magical world, such as the charm of the Dobby of the housework fairy and also the Hogwarts Express.

Hogwarts’ four dormitory symbols were expressed in double silver plate dangle charms. The front plate is engraved with animal motifs and is decorated with dormitory-symbol colored stones. The backplate is engraved with words such as “BRAVERY” and “PRIDE” that characterize each dormitory, and the edges are designed to resemble Hogwarts Castle and the coat of arms.



-Title: Harry Potter x Pandora Collection

-Release date: Thursday, November 28

-Example item:

・ Bracelet 15,000 yen (excluding tax) ~

・ Charm 7,500 yen (excluding tax) ~






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