Find your childishness with HELLO KITTY in Pink Hug Party

NIUSnews is the popular girls’ media in Taiwan and it will start a collaborative project with HELLO KITTY on Dec.14- 15 at VIESHOW plaza.


HELLO KITTY as the most popular character in Asia, she represents childhood memories to everyone. To celebrate the 9th anniversary of the NIUSnews and the 45th anniversary of HELLO KITTY, they collaborate in the winter and welcome people to the pink park to take apart in the four theme games, concert, hug market, and traditional Japanese street market! 


In the market part, you can get the gift for free if you complete the theme game in the pink park!


And in the JAPAN MARKET, you can buy some popular items from JINS, YAMAKAN, AND LUMINE  in Japan!




– Title: Pink Hug Party 

-Period: 12.14-15

-Place: No. 20, Songshou Road, Xinyi District Taipei City




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