Pinkoi collaborates with Miffy in Asia!

Recently, Pinkoi, the biggest designers market in Asia, started from Taiwan and now very popular in Hongkong, China, Thailand, etc. had invited 47 design brands to launch 50 exclusive Miffy design products, with unique ingenuity, suitable for adults and children of all ages.


Miffy, created by well-known Dutch illustrator Dick Bruna, has a history of more than 60 years. The classic simple line shape has healed people of every generation and has always insisted on not lending others the hand Bruna of the painting, the warmth of the hand-drawn lines is also infused into the character.

Some of these products are different from some co-branded “posting” illustrations. They are made with Miffy’s positive and cute style, and then they design super cute household items, including as if always looking at your hands with warm eyes. Cases, canvas bags looming by the sea in swimming trunks, swimwear with a geometric design that is still fun, color-stitched lunch bags, and baby watches will all make users smile.




Pinkoi stated that the Miffy joint plan is exclusively sold on Pinkoi websites in Taiwan, Hong Kong, and Macau. From now until 11/17, as long as you purchase any Miffy joint products online, you can get a limited amount of Miffy Royal Guard.



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