Cath Kidston collaborates with PEANUTS Snoopy collection here!

Cath Kidston will start to collaborate with PEANUTS Snoop in Japan on December 6th at Cass Kidson stores and official online stores nationwide. 


The popular character “Snoopy” has appeared in the holiday collection presented by Cath Kidson. Snoopy presents a blessing with a positive message and poses against the backdrop of a happy mood perfect print design. This collaboration collection is lined up in a variety of fashion, kids and homes, with a focus on bags and accessories.

Cute color print design with Snoopy’s message coexisting with the happy and positive message that is the symbol of Cath Kidson’s brand spirit, inspired by the vivid color palette and cover design that colors Snoopy’s vintage book cover Obtained and drawn. The design that Snoopy appears with a holiday message is sure to shine a holy night.


Peanut comics have a variety of themes, and the story contains various messages. In this collaboration, three messages, “DREAM (Navy)”, “HAPPY (Yellow)” and “LOVE (Pink)” was selected, which lead to Cath Kidson’s brand spirit. The print design is accompanied by a heartwarming holiday message, and the colors that inspire the meaning of the words are put together by Snoopy and posing. Enjoy a sparkling holiday with a cute and relieved Snoopy collection.sub7.jpg


In the holiday season, “DREAM” has a dream of a happy dream, with Snoopy putting his great friend Woodstock on the stomach against the backdrop of “Midnight Stars”, a print design that dazzles the night sky of London. Give a wonderful dream to the holy night.


‘People say follow your dreams, so I went back to sleep’



Snoopy is a big fuss in the yellow floret field drawn in one tone!

The message “HAPPY” attached to the print design “Paper Dizzi”, which makes you happy just by looking at it, makes Snoopy a lively holiday party where all of your friends and family gather together.

A quote from a peanut comic: HAPPY

‘Happiness is a warm, fuzzy sweater’



With the pink “paper dizzy” in the background, the message “LOVE” put in a lovely pose where Snoopy gently hugs his close friend’s Woodstock is also a great letter to convey loved ones to loved ones! Produce the exciting Holy Night romantically.

A quote from a peanut comic: LOVE

Dear sweetheart, never fall in love with a butterfly. ’



-Stores: Cath Kidson stores and official online stores nationwide

-Release date: Friday, December 6

* The official online store will be pre-sale on December 5 (Thursday) for e-mail magazine members (free).


-Advance reservation:

-Cath Kidson retail stores nationwide receive reservations on a prepaid basis for those who register (free) on November 22 (Friday). 




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