ROPÉ PICNIC and Rilakkuma collaboration items debut

“ROPÉ PICNIC sells collaboration items inspired by “Rilakkuma” at Lopepicnic directly managed stores and online stores which is from November 18 to start online reservation and sales in-store from November 27.


Casual wear such as knits with zipper on the back of Rilakkuma, and dresses matching with kids using star motifs. Goods such as catchy printed accessories and bags. In addition, a wide range of products such as dog wear with Rilakkuma illustrations will be developed. 

In addition, if you purchase Rope Picnic products over 6,000 yen (tax included) at a real store and J’aDoRe JUN ONLINE, you will receive a limited amount of “Rilakkuma” x “ROPÉ PICNIC” shopping bags on a first-come-first-served basis (reserved products are eligible) Outside, some stores may not distribute.)



-<Back half-zip pullover>

-3,990 yen each (excluding tax)

-Color: Black / Ivory / Brown Size: 38/40

-A knit with a zipper attached to the back of Rilakkuma.


-<Suede touch cami dress>

-3,990 yen each (excluding tax)

-Color: Greige / Camel Size: 38/40

-A color lineup inspired by Rilakkuma and Korilakkuma. The strap comes with a Christmas star charm.


-<[KIDS] Rear half-zip pullover>

-2,990 yen each (excluding tax)

-Color: Ivory / Brown Size: 110/120/130 (cm)

-The pullover that matches adults has a simple and mature design.


-<[KIDS] suede touch cami dress>

-2,990 yen each (excluding tax)

-Color: Greige / Camel Size: 10/120/130 (cm)

-One-point KIDS item with star embroidery.


-<[DOG] Pullover>

-3,490 yen each (excluding tax)

-Color: Rose Pink / Gray / Navy Size: S / M / L / DM

-Casual DOG WEAR printed with Rilakkuma.


-<Vinyl tote with boa drawstring>

-3,590 yen (excluding tax)

-Color: Brown Size: F

-This bore also appeared from inside. A bag printed with original illustrations only for Lope Picnic.


-<Transformation Clear Parts x Chain Non-Hole Earrings / Transformation Clear Parts Earrings>

-1,500 yen each (excluding tax)


-<Deformed clear parts pendant / Deformed clear parts metal earring>

-1,400 yen each (excluding tax)

-All Color: Gold Size: F

-A delicate and cute accessory for adults with original illustrations printed only by Lope Picnic.




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