Morinaga Milk Industry Co., Ltd. “Disney Winter Package” Limited Release

On December 2, Morinaga Milk Industry will release a limited number of “Disney Winter Packages” from there products of “PARM”, “MOW”, and “Vienetta” series.


The “Disney Winter Package” is available in limited numbers until around the end of February 2020, and each brand has three types of designs for each flavor. All designs are winter-like designs, featuring characters that wear mufflers and play in the snow. Also, if you connect packages of the same type of product next to each other or vertically, the character will be linked to complete a series of pictures.



-PARM: Chocolate (6 bottles), Chocolate & Chocolate -Praline-made (6 bottles), Chocolate (1 bottle)

-MOW: Vanilla, Ethiopian Mocha Coffee, Royal Milk Tea

-Vienetta: Vanilla, Tiramisu




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