“UCC Milk Coffee Pokemon Can” limited released nationwide Pikachu and Pokémon Sword and Shield new design

From November 18, to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the birth of “the world’s first can coffee” “UCC Milk Coffee”,  UCC Uejima Coffee collaborates with the world’s popular character “Pocket Monster” to release limited “UCC Milk Coffee Pokemon Can 250g”.


The collaboration is based on the two long-time popular brands. One is the world’s first canned coffee “UCC milk coffee”, which released in 1969 is a long-selling product that has been loved for many years. The other is the “Pocket Monster” game series, which has been popular with countries around the world since it released in 1996, and the latest “Pocket Monster Sword Shield” was released on November 15.

They designed 4 types of Pokemon, “Sarnori”, “Hibani” and “Messon”, which are newly introduced in “Pikachu” and “Pocket Monster Sword Shield”. In addition, three types of paper pack products “UCC Milk Coffee Pokemon AB200ml” using caffeine-less coffee are also available for children fans to enjoy at the same time.


In addition, in commemoration of the release of “UCC Milk Coffee Pokemon Can 250g”, a “Get a UCC Milk Coffee Pokemon Can Gift! Campaign” was conducted with the UCC official Twitter account.



-UCC Milk Coffee Pokemon Can 250g

-Type: All four types “Pikachu”, “Sarnori”, “Hibanie”, “Messon”

-Product features: Milk rich milk beverage standard, 100% Arabica coffee beans used

-Release date: Monday, November 18

-Suggested retail price: 115 yen (excluding tax)

-Calories: 41kcal (per 100g)

-Case quantity: 250g x 30


-UCC Milk Coffee Pokemon AB200ml

-Type: All three types “Pikachu and Sarnori” “Pikachu and Hibani” “Pikachu and Messon”

-Product features: 100% caffeine-free coffee, no artificial sweeteners and flavors

-Release date: Monday, November 18

-Suggested retail price: 100 yen (excluding tax)

-Calories: 41kcal (per 100ml)

-Case quantity: 200ml x 24


-Get UCC milk coffee with Pokemon cans! campaign

-Period: November 25 (Monday) 12:00 to December 13 (Friday) 23:59

-Application procedure:

(1) Follow UCC official Twitter account (@UCC_COFFEE)

(2) Retweet tweet that is submitted randomly during the period






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