The delicious collaboration with Mickey Mouse, Hello Kitty and Kanahei in Taiwan!

80-years old famous food shop, Lao Xiezhen is very favorite by their health supplements and in recent years, they collaborate with super-healing characters to win the hearts of young people.

As same as last year, they choose the Kanehei again and also build a special collaboration of Hello Kitty to celebrate the 45th-anniversary to launch a limited edition of Buddha’s Temptation (Buddha Jumps Over the Wall).

sub.jpgThis time, it is the first time for them to collaborate with classical Micky Mouse of Disney to welcome the coming mouse year.

Mickey Mouse’s ears are used as the lid, which presents Mickey’s classic red and black. 



And for three consecutive years, Usagi has a new look named “Kanahei God of Wealth Buddha’s Temptation”, with a three-dimensional Usagi wear the clothes of God of Wealth, in order to ask fans to collect it again. 


In addition, Hello Kitty Buddha’s Temptation is one of the best-selling commemorative models of Lao Xiezhen and collaborate Sanrio again this year as the theme for Hello Kitty’s 45th Anniversary named after Join Your Life.

3480TWD  limited 1888


You can buy them on the homepage of Lao Xiezhen and also pre-order in the 7-11 stores in Taiwan!



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