Gokurakuyu. RAKU SPA and Gudetama collaboration again!

From December 3, Gokurakuyu will hold the second collaboration campaign with Sanrio character “Gudetama” at 30 directly managed stores. At the same time, there will be a limited special collaboration between the two locations, the Gokurakuyu Toyohashi store, and the Gokurakuyu Miyazaki store.


Following the first in July-September, sales of limited-design goods and collaborative menus for coasters will be given, and first-come-first-served gifts will be given to those who have posted on SNS (collaborative menus are not covered).

In addition to the above, the specially held collaboration stores will have many photo spots with the theme of “Gudetama” that came to the bath shop, and will welcome customers with the decoration of “Gudetama”. In addition to the collaboration bath, we will solve the mystery and rent out clothes in the hall.




-<All collaboration stores>

-Period: December 3 (Tue)-January 31, 2008 (Fri)

-Stores: Gokurakuyu / 30 stores directly managed by RAKU SPA

-< Specially held stores>

-Gokurakuyu Toyohashi store: December 18 (Wednesday) to January 14, 20 (Tuesday)

-Gokurakuyu Miyazaki: December 20th (Fri)-January 14th (Tue)


◆Collaboration (1) Collaboration menu for getting coasters

During the collaboration period, the Gudetama collaboration menu is sold at restaurants. If you ordered a collaboration menu, you will receive a coaster designed exclusively for collaboration (12 types in total, 6 new types). You can also add as many Gudetama as you like.


◆Collaboration (2) Collaboration limited goods sales

Sale of collaboration limited design goods. Face towels and hand towels will be sold at Gokurakuyu and RAKU SPA stores.

* Depending on the sales situation of each store, it may be sold out or discontinued.

New items will be on sale from Wednesday, December 18th. (Details will be released soon)


Gudetama goods (an example for sale)

(1) Face towel for each 620 yen (excluding tax)

(2) Hand towel 310 yen (excluding tax)

(3) Can badges 230 yen each (excluding tax)

(4) Keyholders each 470 yen (excluding tax)


◆Collaboration (3) Present as a first-come SNS post-SNS campaign

During the collaboration period, each contributor’s store will be limited to the first 100 people and presents a collaboration-limited design sticker. (The new design will be released soon.)

In addition to the hashtags below, people who took photos related to Gudetama and uploaded them to SNS are eligible.


〇 Gokurakuyu store

#Gude Spa #Gokurakuyu

〇 RAKU SPA store

#Gude Spa #Raku Spa



◆Specially held collaboration (1) Gudetama Spa

A bath inspired by Gudetama appears, and a total of 10,000 Gudetama balls are greeted. The original bathing agent jointly developed is an image of sweets using eggs. In addition, the bathtub in the bathroom will be designed by Gudetama only during the Gudetama Hot Spring period. You can enjoy the world of Gudetama both in appearance and fragrance.

* The number of balls in Gudetama is the total number of stores.


<Gudetama no Yu hot spring period>

Gokurakuyu Toyohashi: December 18 (Wed)-December 19 (Thu), December 23 (Mon)-29 (Sun)

Gokurakuyu Miyazaki: December 23 (Mon)-29 (Sun)


◆Special Held Collaboration (2) Gudetama Mystery Solving

A special postcard designed exclusively for collaboration will be given to those who challenge and clear the puzzle during the special event. (The new design will be released soon.)


◆Special holding collaboration (3) Gudeuro together photo spot

During the special period, several photo spots were set up in the hall with the theme of “Gudetama” that came to the bathhouse. In the hall decorated with a collaboration limited design, you can take a picture with Gudetama.


◆Specially held collaboration (4)Fake Tama

You can rent clothes in the hall that can be fake once a day only for one person.

Free admission only for people wearing in-house clothes.






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