7-ELEVEN “Mickey and friends” theme store opened!

7-ELEVEN collaborates with Disney, which is loved by both adults and children, takes two years to build a limited edition store of Mickey and friends in Taiwan. The store is designed in Mickey’s classic red, blue and white, with a classic vintage style and a minimalist fashion style! When you walk in the store, you will walk in the real world of Mickey and friends!


7-ELEVEN Taiwan’s limited “Mickey and Friends” store is located near Taipei Arena, which is a 55-square meter store and divides into four major areas, including the virtual reality integration experience area, the theme seating area, photo spot wall area, and merchandise display area. 


Mickey and  Friends Store also launched a variety of limited products, the total number of items more than 70 kinds! Among them, CITY CAFE is limited to the introduction of Mickey’s styling limited coffee cups and cup sets. There are different Mickey patterns in the middle cup, big cup, and extra-large cup. 


In addition, there are a variety of goods such as small beverage bags, classic mugs, stainless steel cups, boat-type pencil cases, storage boxes, pillows, clock puzzles and so on.




-Title: Mickey and Friends theme store

-Place: 20-2, Section 3, Bade Road, Songshan District, Taipei City





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