Toysrus sell the educational toys of SESAME STREET leading monopoly

The Japanese largest general specialty store of toys and baby goods, Toyrus will feature characters from the popular educational program “Sesame Street” developed by Kids II, an infant and educational toy company in the United States on November 1.

1 2types of educational toys with motifs have been released at Toysrus, Baby’s Toysrus stores, and Online Stores. Until April 30, 2020, it will be the only exclusive sales in Japan.



The products sold this time include the Elmo-type gimmick mat “Tummy Time Elmo Prop Mat” that expresses the world’s view of “Sesame Street” and the fluffy cookie monster that makes a crisp sound, 12 items such as “Cookie Mania Teaser” and Elmo-style Orball “Jingle & Shake Elmo Orball” that make a sound with a rattle. Infant children can have fun with friends from “Sesame Street”. The products are sold at special sales floors that are decorated with the world view of Sesame Street.




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