Pastel × BARBAPAPA limited collaboration debuted!

The master license of the popular French picture book character, BARBAPAPA is charged by the lifestyle store “PLAZA” and “MINiPLA” in Japan and started the collaboration pudding with the “Pastel”, a familiar smooth pudding brand from November 1st to 30th.


BARBABPAPA is the character, which is loved all over the world and celebrating its 50th anniversary in 2020. There are three popular pudding in this collaboration from the lovely and harmony BARBAPAPA family. One is strawberry flavor, which is transformed by the BARBAPAPA, one is the matcha flavor, which is transformed by the BARBARARA, the other one is the pumpkin flavor, which is transformed by BARBAZOO.


If you purchase 3 collaboration puddings, you can get them in your original gift box.



-Title: BARBAPAPA Pudding

-Price: 500 yen (Tax in)

-Period: November 1 to 30

-Stores: Pastel stores nationwide





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