“Snoopy” × “SCRAP” Experience-type problem-solving games and events & original goods collaboration decided

SCRAP will start the first time collaboration with “PEANUTS”, using the theme of SCRAP×SNOOPY problem-solving PROJECT to celebrate its 70th birthday in the world’s first and largest “mystery” park in the world, “TOKYO MYSTERY CIRCUS” (Tokyo Mystery Circus) from November 21st.


“SCRAP × SNOOPY problem-solving PROJECT” is set in the Tokyo Mystery Circus (Shinjuku), holding a mystery-solving experience-type game event and selling a large number of original goods with mysteries from the first to the third. It is a collaboration project.

The title of the first experience-type game event that starts on November 21st is “Snoopy and Mystery Circus Team”. Players use a “dedicated mystery kit” containing various items to explore and solve the mystery of letters that have arrived at Snoopy and then challenge to find the “snoopy badge” of stolen Snoopy. Tickets will be on sale from November 9th. If you purchase during the pre-sale period November 2-8, which is limited to fan clubs, you will receive a special “SCRAP x Snoopy ” fan club newsletter“ PFC TIMES EXTRA ” as a special gift.


In addition, all 15 original goods will be sold at the TMC GOODS SHOP on the 1st floor of the facility. Seven of them come with “mysteries” that you can enjoy after returning home. In addition to the classic Clear File with Mystery, the first mysterious goods such as “Art Card Set with Mystery” and “Mini Tote with Mystery” will also appear. In addition, if you sell “stuffed animals”, “clipboard”, “can badges”, “popcorn”, etc. and purchase original goods for a total of 3,000 yen (including tax), a limited number of tote bags with a mysterious message card Give it a gift.

* One gift for every ¥ 3,000 (including tax). Distribution ends as soon as it is gone.

* Only “SCRAP x SNOOPY Mystery PROJECT” original goods are eligible. Cannot be combined with other products.

 In addition, a special area will be set up on the first floor of the facility from the start date, and a “mysterious mailbox” and photo spot will appear along the wall used to solve the mystery.

Details of the 2nd and 3rd bulletins will be announced at a later date, and other event details and notes can be confirmed on the special website.






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