Back to childhood! Collection of Sailor Moon EazyCard debuted!

Taipei MRT Corporation has launched the “Sailor Moon Classic Flashcard Modeling  Card”, which allows you to have a good mood for commuting!


In fact, at the beginning of this year, Taipei MRT Company launched a Sailor Moon Eazy Card “Moonlight Treasure Box” to materialize the moonlight fairy’s transforming props, almost perfecting the super beautiful shape of Moonlight Box and only a limited number of 8,000.sub-1.jpg


This time is the second chance for fans with a sad mood who didn’t get the Moonlight Box. There are three different styles, all of which have loaded the five beauties on the top of the card. In addition to the two models that are transformed, and one is wearing the uniform, the classic flashcard definitely calls back your memory of your childhood and must be collected!


And last month, the company also debuted the personal flashcard, which is very fit for fans who have the special love of the special character!



-Title: Sailor Moon Eazy Card debuted

-How to buy: 711 in Taiwan

-Price: 100TWD

-Period: From 10/9




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