“Cookpad studio” x “Attack on Titan” collaboration event

Cookpad TV has decided the menu for the “Cookpad studio giant festival” to be held from November 7th at “Cookpad studio” reopened as a cooking live experience-based studio.


Cookpad TV considers the world view of the TV animation “Attack on Titan” from a food perspective and develops a limited menu that pursues visual and tastes quality. All limited menus come with original postcards, and you can order food or desserts and you will receive one original acrylic key chain (6 types).


-Mushroom-scented autumn green curry with rock Menchi
-The scene where Ellen, who became a giant, plugs a hole in the wall, is expressed in Nan with bamboo charcoal and Menchikatsu. A deep green curry with mushrooms and coconut milk.


-Four types of cheese hamburger, thunder-thin-style grissini sashimi
-The scene where Mikasa pierces a giant of armor with a thunderbolt is expressed with a hamburger and bamboo charcoal breadstick.


-Lemon-scented gateau chocolate, flapping with free wings! 

-Gateau chocolate with lemon syrup, decorated with the logo of the Survey Corps. The wing’s dynamic feeling is produced with a feather motif made of white chocolate.


-Maron cream tiramisu: Eat the beast giant!
-The scene where Levi defeated the beast giant is expressed in tiramisu with marron cream. A gorgeous tiramisu with a mouth full of cheeks that feels autumn.


-Pear Millefeuille (Hardening Ellen)
-The scene where Ellen is hardened is expressed with meringue and pear cream millefeuille. The center is decorated with white chocolate coated with Ellen motifs.


-Reiko and lemon jelly squash, Hey Ani, please answer something>

-Represents ani crystallized with lemon ice trapped in lemon jelly. A carbonated drink refreshed with coconut jam.

-Late of the blue sea, the scenery that Armin wanted to see

-The sea that Armin wanted to see for a long time was expressed with a coffee drink using blue jewelry sugar and sugar candy of shellfish. The image is sandy beaches and waves with white foam milk and brown coffee.



-Title: Cookpad studio giant festival

-Location: 3-15, Hakuro-Cho, Chuo-ku, Osaka-shi, Osaka Semba Shinsaibashi-suji FUKU BLD. 2F

-Period: November 7 (Thu)-30 (Sat)

-Hours: 11: 00-20: 00

-Reservation method: Reservation from official website


-Title: Attack on Titan Exhibition FINAL in Hirakata Park

-Date: September 21 (Sat)-December 1 (Sun) * Closed Wednesdays

-Venue: Hirakata Park Event Hall I

-Time: 10: 00-18: 00 (Last entry 17:00)

-Ticket sales period: July 1 (Monday) 10:00 to December 1 (Sunday) 16:00





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