“One piece” “Nagatanien” “Wano Kuni has Ochazuke” collaboration

From November 1st, Nagatanien has been implementing a new project “Wano Kuni has Chazuke” campaign that collaborated with “One Piece” TV anime “Wanokuni”.


In this campaign, there is a limited quantity of “Ochatsuki Nori” and “Sake Sasuke” that contain the “One Piece Tokaido Gokai Sankyo Collaboration Card”, which is a wonderful blend of the Wano Kuni edition of Straw Hat and the Tokaido Goki Sanuki Ukiyoe will be released. There are a total of 20 types of cards, 10 types of each time will be release out. Each of the first and second time contains one type of rare card with hologram specifications.

In addition, a campaign to win the “Ochatsuki Treasure Chest” is being implemented, which is that when a receipt was purchased with a smartphone, etc., during the campaign period, a photo was taken on a smartphone, etc., and an application was made on the website.


In addition, a new commercial featuring the original animation of Luffy, the Wano country edition, which is served with Ochasuke, is airing from the same day. In the Ochakake “One Piece” version, Luffy’s figure of eating Ochazuke is appearing.


-Title: “One Piece Tokaido Gochu Sankyo Collaboration Card”
-Target products: Ochatsuki nori with 8 bags and 4 bags, salmon tea with 6 bags and 3 bags
-First card: Scheduled to be shipped around mid-October
-Second card: Scheduled to be shipped around mid-November
* The first and second bullets will end as soon as the planned quantity is exhausted

-Title: “Teasuke treasure chest gift campaign”
-Receipt expiration date: Friday, November 1-Friday, January 31, 2020, 23:59
-Target products: Ochatsuki nori with 8 bags, 4 bags, salmon tea with 6 bags and 3 bags, Umeboshi tea with 6 bags and 3 bags, Wasabi tea with 6 bags and 3 bags, octopus tea 6 bags / 3 bags
-How to apply: Take a receipt of the purchase of the target product and apply it from the dedicated website.
* If you purchase multiple items with a single receipt, you can apply for the purchased points.
* Postcards are not accepted.
-Premium: Ochasuke Treasure Box (One-piece set of 2 tea bowls designed by Nagatanien Collaboration)
-Number of winners: 5,000




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