Momoiuro, Maruchan, and Cold Strone collaboration start!

Cold Stone Creamery Japan will be collaborating with the opening theme song for the TV series animation “Chibi Maruko-chan” sung by Momoiro Clover Z at a cold stone store in Japan from October 18th to sell the collaborated ice-cream.



Collaborative ice-creams are available in a total of 5 types, starting from Maruchan’s Pudding A-Ra-Mode, and if you purchase a target product during the period, you will receive an original coaster as a novelty. 

There are 5 types of coasters in the four stores in Tokyo City, which are themed as the “Coasters of Maru-chan’s friends”, and 12 stores outside Tokyo have designed the coaster by using CD’s jacket type, which is sung by Momoiro Clover Z. 





-Sale period: Friday, October 18 to Sunday, November 17

-Type: All 5 types

-Price: 834 yen (excluding tax) * waffle balls included

  1. Maruchan’s Pudding A La Mode

Product features: Maruchan’s favorite food “pudding” arranged in a cold stone style. Custard pudding ice cream with plenty of eggs mixed with banana, whipped cream, rainbow sprinkles, and caramel sauce. The red cherry is the point.

Product contents: Custard pudding ice cream, banana, whipped cream, rainbow sprinkle, caramel sauce, cherry

Stores: All 16 cold stone stores.



  1. Redberry Suites of Kanako-chan

Product features: Based on Natsuko Momota’s image color, red, mixed with berry fruits. On top of the ice cream, Momota’s favorite food “Sweets” was topped with heart macarons.

Product contents: Raspberry & Cranberry Ice Cream, Strawberry, Raspberry, Strawberry Sauce, Heart Macaron

Sales outlets: Ikebukuro Sunshine City ALTA shop limited


  1. Shiorin’s Yellow Strawberry Millefeuille

Product features: Based on the image color of Shiori Tamai, “Yellow”, Tamai’s favorite “Ichigo” is mixed in. The mini pie was mixed together to make ice cream like millefeuille.

Product contents: Custard pudding ice cream, strawberry, mini pie, strawberry sauce

Retail store: Tokyo Skytree Town Solamachi store only.



  1. Arin’s pink fruity cream cream

Product features: A blend of plenty of fruit-based on Ayaka Sasaki’s image color, “Pink”. On top of the ice cream, Mr. Sasaki’s favorite food, “cream cream”, was boldly placed.

Product contents: Strawberry ice cream, banana, strawberry, mango, mini shoe cream

Retail store: Shibuya Mark City store only.


  1. Reni-chan’s purple sweet potato

Product features: Based on Mr. Takagi’s image color, purple and Mr. Takagi’s favorite food “Satsuma !!” is fully incorporated. The porridge is luxuriously finished using Anno coffee from Tanegashima, Kagoshima Prefecture.

Product contents: Purple potato ice cream, Anno coffee, whipped cream, caramel sauce

Sale store: LUMINE est Shinjuku-limited.




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