Grace Gift collaborated with Disney to launch the Donald Duck 3D Series!

Grace Gift as the hot popular fashion brand in Taiwan, to celebrate the 85th anniversary of the birth of Donald Duck, the brand carefully created Donald Duck limited edition shoes, handbags, and accessories, assembled with cute elements of Donald Duck, designed a series of collaboration, including 3 types shoes, bahs and accessories.


The exclusive series of ducks are named after 3D. It is inspired by DONALD DUCK DAY and limited editions of 3 different types of styling. You have been particularly fascinated by Donald Duck since childhood, and the full series will be held at Grace gift on September 4th. on the online pages and shops.


Grace gift X Donald Duck Collaboration Series

Donald Duck classic hanging old shoes 3 colors, TWD 1, 880

Donald Duck asymmetric electric embroidered flat shoes 6 colors, TWD 1, 680

Donald Duck vintage hanging casual shoes 3 colors, TWD 1, 680

Donald Duck Acrylic Charm Zipper Rear Backpack, TWD 1,099

Donald Duck thick rope beam canvas bucket bag 2 colors, TWD 599

Donald Duck family double zipper side back square bag 2 colors, TWD 799

Donald Duck Sailor Round Coin Purse, TWD 599




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