Mickey Mouse & Friends appear in Hanshin Arena Shopping Plaza in Taiwan

For the celebration of the Anniversary of the Hanshin Arena Plaza, the popular character of Disney, Mickey Mouse, and Friends now appear in Taiwan from 17th, Oct to12th, Nov.


Following the launch of the Hello Kitty spots last year, Hanshin Arena Plaza has invited the “Mickey”, which is loved by all people, to launch seven large spots in the outdoor square. Mickey with friends such as Minnie and Dogs and other characters shuttle between the “London Tower Bridge” in Britain, the “Dutch Amsterdam Windmill” surrounded by tulip flowers, the French-style “French Arc de Triomphe”, and the Tiffany Blue-decorated “St. Patrick’s Day in Dublin, Ireland” The “Venice Water Capital” of the romantic index and the children played crazy “Snow Mountain Slide”.



The most eye-catching outdoor square is definitely a giant “Mickey Mouse head shaped hot air balloon”.Mickey’s head is designed as a hot air balloon. Below it, Mickey and Minnie invite people passing by to go to the hot air balloon bamboo basket. It is expected to be the hottest travel spots at the end of this year.



In addition, the department store anniversary is, of course, filled with limited goods.

This time, Disney launched four ultra-high CP values Hanshin limited Mickey products, large capacity backpack, multi-function basket, umbrella, and flannel blanket.

As long as you use the “Hanshin Arena Plaza Co-branded Card” to spend 300 TWD invoices on the same day or the “Hanshin Super Set Card”  over 500 TWD on the same day, you can use the ultra-high CP, which value 30 TWD to get limited Mickey goods.

11 ultra-utility Mickey styling products, including chassis, luggage harness, luggage tag, wireless charging pad, Bluetooth wireless headset, etc., each is exclusive limited sales, must be rushed to queue to buy.






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