Limited edition Walkman® from Moomin collaboration-Start accepting orders for a limited time at Sony Store from October 10

 Sony Marketing is accepting orders for a new collaboration of Walkman® with Moomin, the popular character in Japan, for a limited time from October 10th to January 14th, 2020.


In collaboration with Moomin, the Walkman® A series named after “MOOMIN AUTUMN COLLECTION 2019”, which is a model designed based on the concept of Moomin and friends are looking forward to enjoying music.

20 patterns of 4 different designs (“Moomin-troll”, “Snafkin”, “Chibi of Min”, “Moomin’s friends in Valley”) and 5 colors (Twilight Red / Pale Gold / Grayish Black / Moonlit Blue / Horizon Green) is able to order. You can choose your favorite design from these combinations and deliver it in the original special package.



From October 11th, it will be exhibited at Sony’s stores “Sony Store Ginza / Sapporo / Nagoya / Osaka / Fukuoka Tenjin” and can be ordered in nationwide shops.

* Design stamping and peeling of stamped parts due to deterioration over time are out of the warranty.

* If the main unit is repaired and replaced with an equivalent model, the replacement product will not have a design stamp.





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