“Kanahei’s Small Animal Piske & Usagi x Hands Cafe” first collaboration-Open for a limited time at Tokyu Hands Ikebukuro from October 17th to November 18th

In collaboration with the popular character “Kanihei’s Small Animal Piske & Usagi” drawn by the illustrator and manga artist “Kanahei”, the Hands Cafe, which was run by Tokyu Hands had started a new project of “Kanihei’s Small Animal Piske & Usagi x Hands Cafe, will open for a limited time at Ikebukuro.


“Kanahei’s Small Animal Piske & Usagi” is a character drawn by TV Tokyo Communications, the illustrator and manga artist “Kanahei” who drawn them to celebrate the 15th anniversary of professionals in 2018.

“Kanahei’s Small Animal Piske & Usagi x Hands Cafe” will open with the theme of “Piske & Usagi’s DIY”, “Piske & Usagi’s DIY Omurice Plate”, “Piske’s Special Tower Pancake”, and with this theme, there is a total of 8 original menus including drinks.

For each collaboration order, the one “Original Postcard (5 types)” at random and one“Original Placemat (2 types)” will be presented.


In addition, original stickers (5 types in total) are sold at Hands Cafe, and original goods such as acrylic keychains, can badge, and clear files are sold at Tokyu Hands Ikebukuro 7F Variety Corner.



-Title: Kanahei’s Small animals Piske & Usagi x Hands Cafe

-Period: Thursday, October 17 to Monday, November 18

-Store: Hands Cafe Ikebukuro (Tokyu Hands Ikebukuro 7F)

* Collaboration menu is not available at Ikebukuro 1F Hands Cafe Stand.

Name: Piske & Usagi Costume Greeting & Chekikai

-Schedule: October 26 (Sat), October 27 (Sun), November 9 (Sat), November 10 (Sun)

-Implementation time: 13:00, 15:00, 17:00 each day 40 people each time

* Event participation conditions will be announced on the Hands Cafe Ikebukuro store website.






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