FreshO2 × “Frozen 2”, the cutest collaboration in Taiwan

Taiwan’s make-up brand FreshO2 is once again collaborated with the upcoming “Frozen 2”, launching the co-branded series of makeup “FreshO2 x Frozen2”, the new authorized make-up, actually put Olaf(snowman) on the powder cake, which is absolute must be collected!


The film “Frozen 2”, which everyone likes, is released soon. FreshO2 has once again launched a new limited-edition make-up collaboration, which will give a “light, transparent, thin, moist impression of snow, “Snowman moisturizing honey powder”, “Snowman shape frozen heart, ice, and snowman smart water full lipstick”, with dream makeup and “Snowman hug storage cosmetic bag” .The whole series of 5 limited-edition products will be officially sold 1,699 TWD on October 8th FreshO2 official website!


Snowman shape powder 10.5g, 599 TWD

Light brush 799 TWD


Lips 3.2g, 499 TWD




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