RODY 35h Anniversary × Global Mall Collaboration has started

Rody is very popular character not only kids toys, but also fashionable item for parents.

In 2019, Rody has special anniversary which 35th birth, and have special collaboration with Taiwan shopping mall named Global Mall.

Zhonghe New Taipei,Banqiao Station,Taoyuan A8 StationShop have been holding RODY’s pop-up  store and photo spots in these mall.

Rody main.jpg

At this collaboration, Global mall produce limited RODY merchandise on each mall,and have FRP that is over 3M size, over 40pcs RODY dolls and Mini train that are so attractive and will be nice photo spots. 

Furthermore, RODY mascot will come and have special meet and greet on mall.

Rody sub1.jpg

ROdy sub2.jpg

【RODYcollaoration detail 】

2019/10/02-2019/11/03 Global Mall Banqiao Station 2F

 ・Mon-Fri  11:00AM~09:30PM

 .Sat-Sun  11:00AM~10:00PM


2019/10/03-2019/11/03 Global Mall Taoyuan A8 Station B1

 ・Mon-Fri  11:00AM~10:00PM

 .Sat-Sun 10:00AM~10:00PM


2019/10/07-2019/11/03 Global Mall Zhonghe New Taipei 2F

 .Mon-Sun 11:00AM~10:00PM


【Enjoy Rody Meet and Greet 】

10/19(Sat) Zhonghe New Taipei

10/26(Sat )   Taoyuan A8 Station



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