“Let’s meet Pokemon at Mister!” Campaign decision!

Mr. Donut, operated by Duskin, will collaborate with Pokémon from November 15 this year, and implement the “Meet Pokémon at Mister!” Campaign. A variety of products and goods that can be enjoyed by children and adults will be developed under the theme of “#Mister Party-chu” during the Christmas period.



“Let’s meet Pokémon at Mister!” is followed the “Pikachu Donut”, which was popular in last year ’s campaign. In addition, two new types of donuts that collaborated with Pokemon’s Nintendo Switch software “Pocket Monster Sword Shield” will release on November 15 for a limited time (details on products and goods will be announced in sequence). One of them, “French cruller in the image of Pikachu” will be recruited on Twitter from September 13th, and details can be confirmed on the official website.




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