United Nations and Hello Kitty promote SDGs worldwide -United Nations headquarters announces collaborated project “#HelloGlobalGoals”

The United Nations and Sanrio have decided to implement a global project “#HelloGlobalGoals” that introduces the “Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)” worldwide. It was announced at the United Nations headquarters (New York, USA) at 13:50 September 24, New York, USA.


“HelloKitty” make a wish that people all over the world can be peaceful and get well along, and support those who are working toward the goal of “SDGs” in Japan through its YouTube channel “HELLO KITTY CHANNEL” since September 2018.


“SDGs” call for action by all countries to protect the planet and promote prosperity. It was created with the recognition that a strategy to simultaneously address various social needs such as education, health, social protection, and employment opportunities. In the future, the field of activities around the world should be expanded through collaborated projects with the United Nations, and meet people working on various difficult issues to study the efforts to achieve the SDGs and introduce them to the world.


In this global campaign, there are six goals centered on themes related to women and girls from the 17 goals of the “SDGs” and introduce them on the YouTube channel “HELLO KITTY CHANNEL”.

In October, Hello Kitty will visit the United Nations headquarters in New York to meet Amina Mohammed, UN Deputy Secretary-General.



<Six goals introduced this time>

  1. “3. Health and welfare for all”
  2. “4. Quality education for everyone”
  3. “5. Realize gender equality”
  4. “11. Town development that can continue to live”
  5. “13. Take specific measures against climate change”
  6. “14. Protect the richness of the sea”







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