Chap up, “Ultraman Taro” and tie up! “Father of Ultra”, a familiar hair restorer, a miracle collaboration between parents and children

SocialTech has appointed “Ultraman Taro” as the image character for Chap-up Shampoo as “Scalp Guard”.


Following the “Ultra Father” Chap-up hair restorer, “Ultraman Taro”, the son of “Ultra Father”, appears as “Scalp Guard” in the “Chap-Up Shampoo” sculpture shampoo. The Ultra Family will support people who suffer from thinning hair.

Chap-up hair restorer is a hair restorer that is loved by many people who suffer from thinning hair, such as “Father of Ultra” serving as the image character and becoming the No. 1 * hair restorer on the web for the third consecutive year. Wash with “Scalp Guard” (Chap-up shampoo) and grow with “Fairy Father” (Chap-up hair restorer). How about taking measures against thinning hair with the Ultra family at this opportunity?

* November 2016 / April 2018 / April 2019




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