Cinnamoroll collaborated with STORY jewelry debuted in Taiwan!

The most popular character of Sanrio, Cinnamoroll will have a new collaboration with the local jewelry brand in Taiwan, STORY.


This collaboration series is themed as Dessert, which sounds delicious. There are The series has rings, necklaces, bracelets, ear chains.





In addition, the products use a large number of natural gemstones and sterling silver, you can see Cinnamoroll hanging above the bracelet, adding a sense of agility, pink, white, blue gemstones are also more visually colorful. The earrings are designed with an asymmetrical shape and a unique streamlined feel. In addition to the daily wear of the students, the office workers can also demonstrate temperament. Of course, the ring and the necklace can all see the playful Cinnamoroll licking on the dessert cake, with light blue gems, and a little more mature temperament.

If you buy the series things, you can also have a cloth full of cute Cinnamoroll





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